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Tule Fog Book


Tucked away between two mountain ranges and three hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles, the Central San Joaquin Valley of California is an agricultural paradise full of dairies, alfalfa fields, and almond orchards. It's pretty much the last place you'd ever think of riding a skateboard. It is also home to the Tule Fog - a blanket of dense mist which covers the Valley floor six months out of the year. A phenomena not found anywhere else in the world. It could explain why, during the late 80's and 90's, this little region, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, produced some of the most influential professional skaters of the time.

Tule Fog is a 264 page Hard Cover book documenting Skateboarders form the Central Valley of California from 1992 - 2004. All 35mm Film photography and stories, shot and told by Valley native Nik Freitas, shedding light on these legends of the San Joaquin.

Tom Knox
Karma Tsocheff
Alan Petersen
Jesse Paez
Richard Paez
Salman Agah
Tim Garner
and many many more

Words and Photos by Nik Freitas